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Public libraries empower citizens of all ages to develop and create the skills, knowledge and ideas they need to participate fully and independently in society.

The overall goal of the Public Libraries 2020 programme (PL2020) is to raise awareness about the importance of public libraries as modern learning hubs close to citizens. Public libraries have been expanding their role in local communities enormously over the last decades by promoting social inclusion, digital inclusion and lifelong learning.

All European countries have public libraries. The 65,000 public libraries within communities invite people to read books and use computers, but they also offer courses on a wide range of topics. Trained staff members provide personal assistance and are a customised resource for the local community.

The Public Libraries 2020 project aims to build a European-wide movement to address societal issues on the continent focusing on three main areas: social inclusion, digital inclusion, and lifelong learning.

The Reading & Writing Foundation aims to bring together library organisations and advocating from across the European Union to raise awareness of the value of public libraries as partners for social and economic development under the Europe 2020 strategy.

In 2015, the publication Libraries Change Lives was released. Click here for the digital version.
The project runs until the end of 2016 and is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Global Libraries programme.

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