Literacy Screener

The Literacy Screener is a quick way to trace language problems. It’s an online tool that indicates whether someone’s level of reading is sufficient for activities like writing a letter of application or submitting forms.

RWF has developed the Literacy Screener: a free online tool that can identify possible literacy problems in only 12 minutes. The instrument is valid, objective and reliable and is designed for organisations that wish to have a quick indication of the language level of their customers, clients or employees. In two years, over 20,000 people have completed the Literacy Screener. Approximately 40 % of the people that according to the Literacy Screener possibly had difficulty reading and writing started a language course or other training to improve their basic skills. Deploying the Literacy Screener in employment services, youth assistance points and businesses shows that literacy is an issue across age groups and employment status. Building on this success, RWF inspired other countries to adopt the tool and it is currently translated into different languages. In addition, the digital and numeracy screener was also developed in the Netherlands.